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How to Fix server not found error in Firefox – cuesinfo

As you all are well aware of the term Mozilla Firefox. It is a web browser that is used to search for any websites. It is used by millions of users over the world. Its response to you recently as you search for any topic. It is a browser, so bugs and technical glitches are common things. One of the issues is the server not found error in Firefox. Many users report this issue. Read this full article to know the exact causes and solutions of its.

Solutions to fix server not found error in Firefox: –

Here are many easy and quick solutions to fix this issue. Follow the below steps carefully:

Ensure your web browser and internet connectivity: –

Whenever you get any issue regarding your web browser or sites then the first thing is to check your internet connectivity is strong enough as well as your web browser. Follow the below steps to fix server not found error in Firefox:

  • First of all, check if the same websites work on other web browsers, if not, then you have to check another website.
  • Make sure about your Firewall Settings as well as Internet security software.
  • If you are using any proxy, then you have to ensure that this proxy server is not connected with the internet connection.
  • If you are using Wi-Fi of the public, then make sure its bandwidth is not limited.
  • Also, ensure your router or modem is not far away with your system.
  • Try to switch your Wi-Fi with the cellular data or vice-versa.
  • Now, restart your Mozilla Firefox web browser and check if it works properly.



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