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If you are not able to clarify the amount on your statement, this may be due to multiple purchases have grouped into one charge, even if the purchases were done on different days. Many times, you do not receive a separate email receipt for each purchase. Another reason is that you don’t get statement when the purchases are made, the charges appear on your statement a few days later. Here we are going to discuss about getting charge on iTunes.

Other than, music, movies, TV shows, stickers, and apps purchases  that are done from the iTunes Store and App Store, that are billed at the time of purchase, the statement also include in-app purchases, Pre-ordered music or movies, and subscriptions that get automatically renewed.

unfamiliar charge on itunes

Understanding charges on iTunes bill

If you are getting charges on iTunes which are not clear to you, read following points:

Compare your purchase history with the charges on your statement

You can see which payment method was charged by looking at your purchase history.

You have to sign in with the same Apple ID that you use to make purchases in the App Store and iTunes Store, to view your purchase history.

If you want you can also go to the link report a problem “apple.com” to see your purchase history and receipts.

The Report a Problem website shows most subscriptions, except those for Apple services and iCloud storage charges.

Check the status of your subscriptions

Many times, the charges are for a subscription that you or a family member has set up. In order to view and manage your subscriptions, go to manage your subscriptions.

If you are not able to see your subscription, you might be billed directly through the provider other than Apple. To resolve the issue, contact the provider to cancel.

If you delete an app, it will not cancel a subscription.

Source: https://www.cuesinfo.com/blog/if-you-see-itunes-com-bill-or-an-unfamiliar-charge-on-your-statement/

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